China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China National Heavy Duty Truck") is the earliest enterprise in my country to develop and manufacture heavy-duty vehicles, and is currently the leading enterprise in the domestic heavy-duty vehicle industry. The predecessor of the company was established in 1958, when it was called Jinan Automobile Factory.

History of SINOTRUK

In April 1960, the factory trial-produced China's first heavy-duty vehicle, the Yellow River JN150 8-ton heavy-duty vehicle, ending the history of China's inability to produce heavy-duty vehicles. In 1983, in order to completely change the "lack of heavy duty" situation in the automobile industry and solve the low-level development of the heavy-duty automobile industry, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group was established, which is an enterprise directly under the central government and is under the leadership of the State Council. In 1987, it was listed separately in the national plan, and in 1991, it was listed as one of the 56 national comprehensive pilot enterprise groups of the State Council. In 1993, it was approved as a pilot enterprise for authorized operation of state-owned assets, and it is one of the first pilot enterprises to implement authorized operation of state-owned assets in my country. In July 2000, the State Council decided to reform and reorganize Sinotruk Group, and the main part was delegated to the Shandong Provincial Government. On January 18, 2001, a new Sinotruk Group was established on this basis, which is now a provincial key state-owned sole proprietorship. Enterprise, the registered capital of the company is 976.58 million yuan, and the paid-in capital is 996.58 million yuan.

sinotruk-howo 1960


China’s first heavy truck Yellow River JN150 eight-ton truck was manufactured, which ended the history that China was not able to manufacture heavy trucks.

sinotruk-howo 1963


Yellow River 350 dumper heavy truck was developed

sinotruk-howo 1978


Roman truck was assembled in SKD form. In the more than decade till 1991, over 8000Roman trucks were produced

sinotruk-howo 1983


Steyr heavy-truck manufacturing technology was introduced from Austria.

sinotruk-howo 1985


The first localized Steyr truck drove off the assembly line.

SINOTRUK HOWO mainly designs, develops, produces and sells

At the end of 2011, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group had an annual output of 150,000 complete vehicles, 130,000 engines, 140,000 gearboxes, 340,000 axles, and 33,000 modified vehicles. Since the reform and reorganization, China National Heavy Duty Truck has always adhered to independent innovation, vigorously implemented the technology leadership strategy, and built its core competitiveness with independent intellectual property rights. It is the enterprise with the most patents in China's automobile industry. China National Heavy Duty Truck Technology Development Center is one of the first batch of state-level enterprise technology centers in the country. It has a testing laboratory accredited by the "National Accreditation Committee for Laboratories of China", and has a full range of R&D and testing of complete vehicles, engines, parts, materials and processes. It has various processing, testing, testing and other high, precise and cutting-edge equipment, and the engine, vehicle, component vibration, strength testing and other equipment have reached the world's advanced level. In 2009, with the approval of the state, the National Heavy-duty Vehicle Engineering Technology Research Center was officially inaugurated and established in China National Heavy Duty Truck Industry. China National Heavy Duty Truck mainly organizes the development, production and sales of various trucks, special vehicles, passenger cars, special vehicles, modified vehicles, special school buses[1], engines and units, auto parts, and special chassis. The main vehicle manufacturers are Jinan Truck Co., Ltd., Jinan Commercial Vehicle Company, Special Vehicle Company, Jining Commercial Vehicle Company, the engines include Jinan Power Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Engine Company, the axles include Jinan Axle Box Company, and the gearboxes include Jinan Transmission Department and Datong Gear Company. More than 2,000 models of heavy trucks, medium trucks, light trucks, mining dumpers, special vehicles and buses have been formed under the brands of SITRAK, HOWO, Steyr, Yellow River, Haohan, Ace, Fuluo and Weiluo. Become the enterprise with the most complete driving form and power coverage in my country's truck industry.

Sinotruk manufactures domestic advanced D10, D12 diesel engines, T10, T12 gas engines, and international advanced level MC11, MC13, MC05, MC07 engines with Euro II-Euro V emissions, with a power coverage of 140-560ps; world-class engines Serialized single-stage reduction axles, wheel-side reduction axles and 16.5-22.5 inch disc brakes; serialized single intermediate shaft belt synchronizer transmissions, double intermediate shaft transmissions, 10, 12, 16-speed manual AMT transmissions and other important components It has formed a golden power industry chain composed of engines, pull clutches, gearboxes and drive axles with the world's advanced level. Sinotruk also has 3 automated body pressing lines, 8 cab welding lines, 12 cab painting lines and 9 complete vehicle assembly lines, and the equipment has reached the international advanced level. Sinotruk has obvious technical and market leading advantages in the heavy-duty vehicle industry, and its products sell well at home and abroad, among which HOWO 371hp/420hp dump trucks of SINOTRUK HOWO series (HOWO 6x4 dump truck, HOWO 8x4 dump truck, HOWO 4×2 dump truck) , HOWO tractor head (Howo 6×4 tractor truck, Howo 8×4 tractor truck, Howo 4×2 tractor truck ), SINOTRUK HOWO spare parts (engine parts, cabin parts, chassis parts, gear box parts etc), exported to Asia ( Malaysia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc.), Africa (Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania, Congo, Kenya, Senegal), South America (Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia) and other more than 90 countries. The Ministry of Commerce has identified it as a national export base for complete vehicles and spare parts. The company has also been awarded the honorary titles of National Advanced Grassroots Party Organization, China Famous Brand Product, China Excellent Innovative Enterprise, National Best Credit Enterprise, and the First National Quality Credit Management AA Enterprise. In 2011, it was rated as a national civilized unit. The development goals of SINOTRUK during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" are: to strive to build an enterprise with the capacity of one million commercial vehicles. By the end of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, the technical quality of heavy trucks will reach the world's advanced level, and other products will be first-class in China; the main product line will be expanded. With the heavy-duty truck industry as the leading factor, the company strives to enter the world's top 500 commercial vehicles with a full range of medium, light, passenger and special commercial vehicles.

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